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Welcome to Healthco NZ

Healthco NZ have been supplying state-of-the-art TENS machines to NZ for over 7 years and have enabled thousands of New Zealanders to experience pain relief and injury recovery in a unique way.  And without drugs.

TENS machines are used right across the world by health professionals and sports professionals.  They are certified medical devices and accepted by mainstream medicine as a pain relief device.

Most of our customers have never heard of a TENS machine.  I was the same until I bought one and tried it.  I was astounded there was a machine available (and has been available for over 50 years) that could not only relieve the pain in my back but has aided in virtually complete recovery.  I have gone on to use it on my knee, my hand, my arm, my foot, stress relief and for just plain old pleasure.  And, I have seen so many people achieve similar results.

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Information about TENS

Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation (TENS) has been described for many years as an alternative to traditional analgesic pain relievers. TENS machines are very well known in the medical industry.  Hospitals, Pain Relief specialists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, and many other Health professionals use them as an alternative to many other forms of pain relief. In clinical trials TENS machines have been shown to be an effective method for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

Sports Therapists also use them for accelerating injury recovery, improving blood circulation, reducing inflammation, swelling and also for increasing muscle strength.

These devices employ the latest in TENS and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology, this is a treatment that uses electrical currents to relieve pain whilst providing other therapeutic benefits.

A gentle electrical current passes through electrodes which are attached to the skin near the site of the pain or discomfort. The electrical stimulation pulses through the skin in the same way the central nervous system does. This stimulation gets to the brain first, blocking the pain receptors.

Two respected scientists discovered a theory, called the ‘Gate Theory’. This theory states that when you feel a sensation other than pain, the mild electrical impulses actually close the gate and do not let pain impulses to pass through to the brain through the spinal column. The electrical impulses speed their way across the skin and onto the central nervous system much faster than pain. By getting there first, the electrical information ‘closes the gate’ to pain, blocking its passage and pain message to the brain.

Once the pain eases, muscles that are in spasm begin to relax. Once the muscles relax, the device incr

eases blood to the soft tissue damage of the painful area and stimulates the deep healing process. This in addition helps your body release endorphins. These are natural chemicals formed within the body that behave like a strong drug reducing the perception of pain for up to eight hours at a time.

Endorphin Release.  TENS machines are world renowned for the release of endorphins.  It’s a natural pain killer, stimulating the release of endogenous opioids which are pain-relieving chemicals naturally released by the body in response to pain stimuli. Opioids are a naturally occurring hormone in the body. They are released in response to an injury or physical stress to reduce your pain and promote a feeling of wellbeing. Much like Morphine, and related medications, your opioids have a similar chemical structure, which explains their strong painkilling effects. The opioids then inhibit the transmission of pain signals in the substantia gelatinosa part of the spinal cord – what is often referred to as the spinal root part of the nerve.

The TENS machine produces a ‘twitch’ in the muscles underneath the electrodes. This muscle ‘twitch’ helps to release the opioids and also helps the pain ‘switches’ in the brain to be activated through muscular and reflex activity.

A great example of endorphin release is the natural ‘high’ that runners and other athletes experience after 30 minutes of sustained exercise. Much like exercise, the endorphin release stimulated by the TENS may take up to 30 minutes or more to take a noticeable effect. The “feel good” effect may last several hours before endorphin levels in the body need to be increased again. These electrical pulses stimulate muscles, increase blood flow, restore damaged neural pathways and provide therapeutic benefits ranging in relief from back pain, neck and shoulder pain, joint pain, increase circulation, relaxation to many other general complaints and ailments.

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Securely for Independence devices and alarms

Safer at home with SECURELY for Independence

In any kind of situation, at the press of a button or a voice command, we’ll be in touch with you right away. Once we know what’s happening, we will get the help you choose or need, whether it’s an ambulance, your family or perhaps you just need your neighbour to help you. No matter what is happening, you will get the help you need. We will stay on the line, support you or your carer until help arrives, and if things change while help is on the way, we are able to support you and keep the help informed. We can let your family and friends know if you’re taken to hospital.


Click here to read about our PERS+ enhanced Medical Alarm

Press your SECURELY for independence alarm button or your personal pendant or use a simple voice command to alert our 24 hour, seven day a week monitoring team to your emergency call.



Preventing injury and helping people maintain or regain independence is key to enabling people to be safe at home.


SECURELY has a range of products to help.

We have a range of sensors available, which are designed to detect when a person is moving about unexpectedly and can be programmed to an individual’s needs and routines. They can be linked to the personal pager of an in-house caregiver or to our monitoring centre, which is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Either way, an alarm will be activated if a person is at risk.
SECURELY’s range of detectors, tailored to the needs of the user, can detect movement or lack of it. They will notify if a person has fallen or if there is smoke in the home. Detectors can either be linked to the personal pager of an in-house caregiver or to our monitoring centre, which is monitored 24 hours a day.

Check out our Product packages below:

About Us

Securely is part of Electra Limited, a Trust owned electricity lines operator in the Kapiti & Horowhenua regions. Since 1922, Electra has been delivering a dependable, safe and secure source of power to the properties in these growing regions of New Zealand.

It is this business pedigree that SECURELY brings to its customers through an innovative range of solutions in the smart home, security and independent living space. Most of us use and depend on our smart phone as the device of choice to access our family, friends, apps and the Internet. Now you can use your smart device to manage your home, set and unset your security system and receive info about your loved ones that want to remain independent but know help is there if needed.


You can contact us by phoning 0800 904 904
or filling in our web contact form here:




Hospital Information

Home Care Products Information

Patients healthcare services are for those who are looking for a range of healthcare products and services information.

Hospital home care products and information are listed in the Patient Information web pages.

Health Watch Medical manages a variety of products that allow retailers to make direct contact with a targeted market of end users.  These include the Health Watch information and Health Watch packages.

Health Watch also provides equipment to the medical industry.

Health Watch can help your company to market products by being involved in the hospital brochure information stands.

Health Watch is involved with the New Zealand Food and Safety Authority. Melanoma foundation and many other large pharmaceutical companies.

News flash: New colour changing products that Health Watch has such as textiles, plastics, and thermometers in many different varieties.

Other examples such as sunhats that change colour with the UV rays and lots of other great products can be used for fundraising. If you would like your service or product promoted on our hospital home care website, contact us to arrange a special dedicated feature page. Extra inbound links to your site, will raise your position on Google Search Directory (thereby increase your own website page ranking).

For further information about advertising and promoting your products on our website:

Contact Health Watch Medical

Phone: +64-9-479 1069
Mobile: +64-274-20-20-31


View website:


Shoe Talk Ltd – NZ’s wider size footwear shop



Nicola Stevens




Shoe Talk Ltd
401A Great North Rd
Auckland, 0610
Phone: (09) 835 9936 (Henderson)


Shoe Talk Ltd
1/32 Clyde Road
Browns Bay
Phone: (09) 479 7807 (Browns Bay)

Soul Organics NZ

Soul Organics NZ
R I C H – R A W – A L I V E – D E L I C I O U S


Soul Organics HPP Cold Pressed Organic Juices are made by cold pressing fresh organic fruit and vegetables, bottling the juice then lengthening the shelf life through a high pressure process (HPP) to kill any pathogens and retain the nutritional value of the beautiful organic produce. There is no heat used in the process of making our juice to ensure all the vegetable nutrients and enzymes are retained. The juices are certified organic by BioGro in New Zealand.

See more at our website:


Super juice

Super Juice
Super indeed…. this juice screams “I AM SUPERIOR” as it is packed full of the super foods ginger and turmeric. Both powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, encouraging the production of digestive enzymes and protein metabolism.  Great disease preventers. Ginger and turmeric bring warmth to calm the digestive system, and stimulate circulation.  Combine these super foods with carrot, apple and lime and you have a true SUPER JUICE.

Green is Mean

Green is Mean
Super alkalising, amazing pure leafy green living enzymes and chlorophyll. A powerhouse of nutrients, kale and silver-beet combined have an incredible nutrient to calorie ratio. They are an excellent source of vitamins A, C, K, calcium, fibre, magnesium, potassium and numerous others. An instant health hit to the bloodstream. This mix of Green nutrients and properties make this juice truly Mean.

Energiser Bunny

Energiser Bunny
The colour says it all… Amazing for heart health. Beetroots are a great natural source of nitrates which have been shown to have a positive effect on blood flow throughout the body as well as improve memory, reduce blood pressure and enhance energy and stamina.  Very powerful blood builder.  Amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

Zesty Kick

Zesty Kick

For an energy boost with a roundhouse kick to the taste buds, drink this juice while single-handedly restoring law and order with the most dangerous weapon known to man: your fists. Say “sayonara” to toxins with the acidic power of limes and the explosive mineral content of apples , turmeric and ginger. If you love warming spices and flavoursome zest, this is your juice.

For further information at Soul Organics NZ please contact

Wendy – Mobile  PH  021-611-568

Tammi  – Mobile  PH. 021-0816-1746



Altezano Brothers Newmarket
1 Kent Street
Altezano Brothers Queen Street
12 Shortland Street
Altezano Brothers Britomart
5 Commerce Street
Blind Basket
38-40 Barrys Point Road
Cafe Korero
474 Swanson Road
Cafe Mimosa
460 Lake Road
Commonsense Organics Mount Eden
284 Dominion Road
Mount Eden
Dear Jervois
234 Jervois Road
Herne Bay
District Fitness
125 Queen Street
Farro Fresh Epsom
240 Green Lane West
Farro Fresh Mairangi Bay
Constellation Drive and Parkway Drive
Farro Fresh Orakei Road
223 Orakei Road
Farro Fresh Grey Lynn
34 Westmoreland Street West
Grey Lynn
Farro Fresh Lunn Ave
80 Lunn Ave
Mount Wellington
FreshChoice Half Moon Bay
1 Ara-Tai Road
Half Moon Bay
Harvest Wholefoods
403-407 Richmond Road
Grey Lynn
Huckleberry Glen Innes
150 Apirana Ave
Glen Innes
Huckleberry Royal Oak
6 Campbell Road
Royal Oak
34D Portage Road
New Lynn
1 Barrys Point Road
153 Oceanview Road
Waiheke Island
Middlemore Hospital
100 Hospital Road
Misters12 Wyndham Street
209 Kepa Road
Mission Bay
77 Union Road
10 Clonbern Road
2 College Hill
Freemans Bay
Highland Park Shopping Centre
503 Pakuranga Road
3 Inverness Road
Browns Bay
429 Titirangi Road
100 Carlton Gore Road
555 Great North Road
Grey Lynn
St Kevins Arcade
183 Karangahape Road
The Goodness Grocer216 King Street
653 Manukau Road
134A Hinemoa Street


418 Ocean Road
92 Alpha Street
64 Arawa Street
37 Horomatangi Street
1/7 Vialou Street
719 Port Road
736 Pollen Street
23 Bow Street
337A Newell Street
RD 3
237 Victoria Street
Hamilton East
19 Bow Street
14 Runanga Street
46 Burns Street
303 Walton Road
245 Commerce Street
3 Walton Street
Te Awamutu
Shop 15, Queenwood Ave

Bay of Plenty

1263 Amohia Street
6 Tawa Street
Mount Maunganui
22 Richardson Street
1191 Eruera Street
72 Normanby Road
80 Parton Road
Papamoa Beach
9/38 Ashley Place
Papamoa Beach
112 Third Ave
1 Wilson Road South
31C Wilson Road
Waihi Beach
205 Pohutukawa Avenue
435 Cameron Road
50 First Ave
214 The Strand
73 The Strand
28 Boon Street
23 Pohutukawa Avenue
1b Muriwai Drive
19 Pacific Ave
Mount Maunganui
17 Wilson Road
Waihi Beach
123 Emerton Road
Waihi Beach
322 Maunganui Road
Mount Maunganui
15 The Strand
777 Cameron Road
9 Prince Ave
Mount Maunganui

Hawke’s Bay

45 Hastings Street
Napier South
221 Heretaunga Street East
St Leonards
24 Gladstone Road


96 Johnsonville Road
37 Waterloo Road
Lower Hutt
7 Bay Road
Coastlands Shopping Center
260 Wakefield Street
Te Aro
3 Mahara Place
176 Oxford Street


4 Freswick Street
10 Maxwell Road

Hong Kong
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong


Ara Tapu
Takitumu District
Cook Islands

Huckleberry Stores for Natural Organic Foods

Huckleberry is New Zealand’s largest retailer of natural, organic and gluten free foods, with stores throughout Auckland as well as online shopping.
We also offer free advice on naturopathic and health products.

The first Huckleberry Farms store was opened in Greenlane in the early 1990’s. Rebranded as Huckleberry in 2015 we’ve now opened 10 different locations throughout Auckland. With these new stores and our strong online following, our aim is to bring natural, organic foods to New Zealand by providing an intimate and covenient shopping experience.

To this day, we continue to deliver quality, nourishing organic foods not only to our customers on restricted diets and food allergies, but to anyone interested in health and wellbeing through nutrition.

At Huckleberry, we will continue to focus on ensuring the integrity, quality and freshness of our products. Helping to look after you and the environment.

We invite you to view our website:

Where to find our Retail Stores

  • Huckleberry Parnell & Head Office

    125 The Strand,
    Ph Store: 09 309 7755

    Saatchi & Saatchi Building

    Mon-Fri 7am-8pm Sat-Sun 8am-8pm

    Office Phone: 09 624 5280

  • Huckleberry Jervois

    170a Jervois Road,
    Ph 09 9744664

    Mon-Fri 7am-7pm
    Sat-Sun 8am-7pm

  • Huckleberry Mt Eden

    2E Esplanade Road,
    Mt Eden,1024
    Ph 09 623 9220

    Mon-Sun 8am-7pm

  • Harvest Wholefoods

    405 Richmond Rd,
    Grey Lynn,1021
    Ph 09 376 3107

    Mon-Fri 8.30am-7pm
    Sat 8.30am-5pm
    Sun 9am-5pm

    Fax 09 360 1616

    Huckleberry Belmont

    135 Lake Road,
    Ph 09 445 3686

    Mon-Fri 6.30am-7pm
    Sat-Sun 8.00am-7pm

  • Huckleberry Royal Oak

    6 Campbell Rd,
    Royal Oak,1061
    Ph 09 625 0077

    (BioGro New Zealand Certified Organic Retailer, Lic No. 5114 CO1)
    Mon-Fri 8.30am-8pm
    Sat 9am-6pm
    Sun 10am-6pm

    Fax 09 625 0076

  • Huckleberry Glen Innes

    150 Apirana Ave,
    Glen Innes,1072
    Ph 09 528 2944

    Mon-Fri 9am-7pm
    Sat 9am-6pm
    Sun 10am-5pm

    Fax 09 528 2945

  • Huckleberry Milford

    52 East Coast Road,
    Ph 09 410 8313

    Mon-Sun 8am-7pm

  • Huckleberry New Lynn

    34D Portage Road,
    Ph 098265454

    Mon-Fri 9.00am-6pm
    Sat-Sun 9.00am-5pm
    Cafe Mon-Sun 8.00am-4pm

  • Huckleberry Oteha Valley

    52 Oteha Valley Rd,
    Ph 09 479 7983

    Mon-Sun 8am-7pm



Hellers NZ

The Hellers Story

The Heller family tradition of butcheries began when Gorg Heller emigrated from Germany to New Zealand during the gold rush of the 1880’s and started supplying the gold miners with smallgoods from a small shop in Arrowtown.

Todd Heller continued the long line of butchers by opening his first butchery in New Brighton, Christchurch, in 1985. Inspired by his travels and the cooking styles of different cultures, Todd began offering greater variety and new flavours – very little of which were available at the time. His customers responded well. Todd Heller Meats started supplying supermarkets, outgrew the old factory, moved to a new plant at Kaiapoi and began supplying throughout the South Island.

The company continued to flourish and after merging with Tasty Bacon became Heller Tasty Limited. The purchase of Vienna Sensational Foods gave the company national distribution and in 2002, Heller’s Sensational London Pride sausage was judged New Zealand’s best.

In 2008, Hellers won the Supreme Sausage award with Hellers Cheese Kransky and the 100% NZ Bacon of the year award with Hellers Middle Eye bacon. In May 2011 Hellers launched its Free Farmed Bacon and in the 100% NZ bacon awards of the same year won gold with its Middle Eye and silver with Middle and Ribeye Bacon.

Today over 400 staff can produce up to 350 tonnes of sausages in 80 different varieties a week along with bacon, ham and other service deli smallgoods.

Manufacturing and technical excellence

Our modern plants have kept pace with technology without compromising the traditional values and standards of quality upon which our reputation has been founded. The strictest health and quality guidelines are applied to all our processes and only the very best ingredients are acceptable.

Hellers is always ready to embrace new technology in order to keep ahead with product innovation and consumer appeal. Our research and development programmes continue to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers in supermarket and food service markets.

Let Fraeona inspire you with delicious recipes

Fraeona Heller is a chef whose passion for life and delicious food has seen her travel the world to work, learn and experience it first-hand. Click here to read some of her recipes.

Our “Whats New” range


Webdesinz for building websites

Do you need a new website or a health check of your old one?

Webdesinz can help small businesses by building affordable mobile friendly websites that ANYBODY can afford. You really can’t afford NOT to have a web presence, nor a “bad” presence.

Does your old website look like a dinosaur? Then now is the time to update, especially since Google is imposing stringent rules on all websites – insisting we now make them have SSL or “Secure Pages”.

Website Costs – It won’t cost an arm or a leg

We have really competitive prices for our first tier simple templated websites, with one-off cost to develop, and separate price for yearly website hosting and domain name purchase.

Entry level on a shoestring budget: Using our range of templates, we can build you an html one-pager site or a simple 3 pager templated site for $290; or a WordPress 5 paged CMS site for $590 if you provide your content to us! Our price works out to approximately $95 per page. We recommend WordPress because once the platform of the site is loaded, then you can start small and later add endless bells and whistles (Plug ins) as you progress, without having to start all over again when you upgrade your site. Besides that, you would choose WordPress because is easy to edit, and we teach you how to post and upload future images, so that helps you to save money; not having to pay someone else to do it for you.

Of course please take a look at our website for more details on different tier packages we offer to suit different needs – because no two sites needs are ever the same.

You may want Extra Pages, a Shopping Catalogue, MailChimp Newsletter Subscription Forms, SEO and Social Media Sites, and these are available as extra cost options, but are not mandatory.

SEO and Social Media. Do you want to be “found”?

Every website needs to have SEO metatags and Page titles that match, so that Google can find and index your pages. It would also be a shame not to join up with numerous free Social Media sites, so that gives you extra free links to your website. The whole objective is so your website can come up nearer the top of “Free” organic searches in Google.

Maintenance and Editing Service

Webdesinz maintains Hospital Home Care Products website and regularly updates posts and tweaks SEO tags to enhance performance on Google Directory.

We have found this Maintenance and Editing service Webdesinz offers, is really handy for people who have not got time to do this themselves,  and they would rather have someone with a working knowledge about how to tweak and improve their listing and ranking on Google.

Domain Name – Web Hosting – Email Setting Up

Are you a business Start up? Consult with Webdesinz about all your website needs, whether it is advice on where to start, where to buy a domain name, which hosting company to use. We can provide our own hosting for small sites. Prices range from $65 per annum to $135.

We can also give advice on whether to use the free webmail service or a dedicated Business Email Service. If you use the webmail feature, we can configure up to 5 mailboxes for free, all boxes limited to 250MB per box.

Onsite photography  and Copywriting

Your website will benefit if the content is completely unique. This is what will differentiate you from your competition. Get Webdesinz to come onsite to your business, take pictures or short video, and optionally write your page content for you. This is handy for people who don’t have time to write it themselves.

Site Reviews and Recommendations

You can call us to do a Site Review on your old website, in which we can also carry out the recommendations.  It doesn’t necessarily mean having to rebuild your site. We can be contracted to do any revamps, editing, SEO and Google Products link ups or site maintenance for $50 per hour.

WordPress Training

You can easily be taught how to edit and update your own site. We offer a free hour with our Second Tier website purchasers, where people have spent a little more than the First Tier. This is for people who want to manage and be in total control of their own content and theme updates. We arrange one-on-one training at $50 per hour or special offer of 4 hours for the price of 3, for anyone who calls us to mention it.

Contact Webdesinz for a free quote today!

Gillian McAven
Phone 443 1679
Mob: 027 484 7616