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Health Watch and Health Watch Medical brings to the market a new PERSONAL ASSIST (unit) that is both a Medical alert and a G P S system.

This will be able to track almost anywhere. The unit can be used for Tracking Pro, Teen Tracker and Lone Worker Protection. It can also works as a Vehicle tracker.
Personal Assist tracker is a light weight with a superior receiving sensitivity and works on a fast TTFF SYSTEM, it is designed to work with many applications especially on emergency calls and SOS applications. Great to use anywhere, that’s Personal Assist!

Any inquiry in the first instance call:

Pat.     0274-20-20-31   09-479-1069

Steve.  021-848-049


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How it works:

th72BTUB66 scrams


When you or your family or a person of interest requires URGENT personal assistance simply press the centre S O S button to be immediately connected to your pre/ program mumbers of family or friends or care giver.

  • The First number on the list will get a phone call if NOT ANSWERED an  email is sent or text.
  • When the first number is not answered then you will need to press number 1 on the unit to get your 2nd contact and so on.

thMR2TNL44 lost

th2J935D7U heart 1

Points of interest

This is a great small unit (the size of a credit card) for:

  1. Protecting your family or those in need.
  2. Help is at their finger tips.
  3. You can have a Geo/ fence on the unit if required, this means an area can be marked on a map and if the unit goes out side this area it will set off an alarm on your computer to  let you know.
  4. It can also have a falling alarm on it to let you know if one takes a tumble.

Just 4 small points that can mean so much.



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